Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Organic Vibes 05.10.2021


LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY & FRIENDS  - Voodooism ('Lee Perry & Friends'/Pressure Sounds)

ZAP POW - The River ('Lee Perry & Friends'/Pressure Sounds)

ZAP POW - River Stone ('Lee Perry & Friends'/Pressure Sounds)

MONSIEUR DOUMANI - Thamata ('Pissourin'/Glitterbeat; 2021)

ONIPA - Future ('Tales of Utopia'/Boomerang Records; 2021)

JONQUAN - Spread Love Around (feat. VERNON MAYTONE) (Easy Star Records; 2021)

ANY ONE - Mental Vimb ('Digital Indigenous 01: Imba Africa'/Digital Indigenous)

NICKADEMUS - Baile A Tú Manera (Captain Planet Remix feat. SAMMY AYALA; 2021)

THIAGO FRANCA PRESENTS A ESPETACULAR CHARANGA do FRANCA - Vem Desacator (feat.  LUCAS SANTTANA) ('The Importance Of Being Espetacular'/Mais Um;2021)

JOHN MAYALL - Crocodile Walk ('Live at The BBC 1965 - 1975)

FOSHAN ROOTS - Tsunami Dub ('The Wing Chun Album'/Dubophonic; 2018)

MUNAY KI DUB - Action (Dubophonic; 2021)

CHEBEEN TERIJA meets SUB CONSCIOUS DUB - Jeune Africain ('Ajabro'/Dubophonic; 2021)

WEEDING DUB - Gypsy Dub Part 1

THE SMITH BROTHERS - Payback's A Drag ('Jack Ashford - Just Productions'/Kent/Ace Records)

LA LLAGRIMA - Tot Pols ('Demo'; 2017)

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Organic Vibes 28.09.2021


LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY - Flush It (LP: LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY & ADRIAN SHERWOOD - 'Dubsetter'/On-U Sound; 2010)


VIN GORDON - Styler Man (LP: VIN GORDON - 'African Shores'; 2019)

VARIOUS - Thoni Na Caki (LP: Various Artists - 'Kenya Special - Selected East African Recordings From The 1970's & 1980's'/Soundway Records; 2013)

MOPO, MIKE & LINAWA - Aripo Ari Kumuna (LP: Various Artists - 'Tales Of The Mbira'/Sheer Sound; 2003)


CHARLES WILLIAMS - Booger Bear (LP: Various Artists - 'The Message - Soul Funk Grooves From Mainstream Recordings'/BGP/Ace Records)

LORD SHORTY & VIBRATIONS INTERNATIONAL - Vibrations Groove (LP: Various Artists - 'Sofrito - International Soundclash/Strut; 2012)

BALIMAYA PROJECT - Viens Me Libérer (Interlude)

TOOTARD - Red Sea Disco (LP: TOOTARD - 'Migrant Birds'/Glitterbeat; 2020)

YABBY YOU & THE PROPHETS - Hungering Dub (LP: YABBY YOU & THE PROPHETS - 'Conquering Lion, Expanded Edition'/Pressure Sounds; 2021)

BALIMAYA PROJECT - Anangofoli (LP: BALIMAYA PROJECT - 'Wolo So'; 2021)

LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY- His Master's Voice (LP: LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY & ADRIAN SHERWOOD - 'Dubsetter'/On-U Sound; 2010)

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Organic Vibes 14.09.2021


THE CONGOS - Don't Blame It On I ('Arkology - Reel 1'/Universal/Island; 1997)

THE MEDITATIONS - Much Smarter ('Arkology - Reel 1'/Universal/Island; 1997)

THE UPSETTERS - Much Smarter Dub ('Arkology - Reel 1'/Universal/Island; 1997)

IDRIS ACKA MOOR & THE PYRAMIDS - Tango Of Love ('Shaman'/Strut Records; 2020)

AMPARO SÁNCHEZ & CHALART 58 - Que Suerte (La Panchita Records;2021)

AMERIGO GAZAWAY - Breakadawn (Fela Soul Deluxe Edition LP)

THE SORCERERS - Elephant ('Early Works Funk Soul & Afro Rarities From The Archives'/ATA Records)

ALHOUSSEINI ANVIOLLA & GIRUM MEZMUR - Tamadrite Nakal ('Afropentatonism' LP/Piranha Records; 2020)

NAPPY NINA - High For Nothing ('30 Bag' LP; 2020)

KOKOKO! - Likolo ('Fongola' LP; 2019)

MAD PROFESSOR - Buccaneer's Cove (Ariwa, 1985)

SKG's DUB ALLIANCE - Empire ('Bassline Riders' LP)

NIGHT WITCH - Normative ('Support Women In Punk' compilation LP; 2019)

ENAMEL - Parastic ('Support Women In Punk' compilation LP; 2019)

BLYSTEX - Me Mando Sola ('Support Women In Punk' compilation LP; 2019)

ATIMBILA - I Have Something To Say (Various 'This Is Kologo Power!' LP; 2016)

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Organic Vibes 07.09.2021


LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY - The Upsetter (Album: 'Essential Madness From The Scratch Files'/Metro; 2000)

EPARAPO (feat. DELE SOSIMI) - From London To Lagos  (Single; 2021)

ANTHONY JOSEPH - Calling England Home (Album: 'The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running For Their Lives'; 2021)

ALTIN GUN - Badi Sabah Olmadan (Album: 'Alem'; 2021)

SISTER NANCY - Armageddon

LIGHTNING HEAD (feat. BLANQUITO MAN) - Preguntas Por Que (Deeper Dub) (Album: 'The 13th Version'/Tru Thoughts; 2021)

JIMMY READ - You Got Me Dizzy (1956)

DEENA ABDELWAHED - 5/5 (Album: 'Khonnar'/Infine Music; 2018)

BRAD POT - 100 Bills (Album: 'Brad Pot'; 2017)


BENTOU MENTALE - Chateau Rouge (Album: 'Bantou Mentale'; 2019)

BROTHER CULTURE - Good Word (Single/Evidence Music; 2021)

BROTHER CULTURE - Good Dub (Single/Evidence Music; 2021)

COLADERA - A Luz De Yayá (Agogo Records; 2020)

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Organic Vibes 31.08.2021


BB KING - She's Dynamite (1951)

GRAVEOLA - Canina Intuicao (Canine Intuition) (Various: 'The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Samba')

ALMA TROPICALIA - Irene (Various: 'The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Samba')

JAUBI - Insia ('Nafs At Peace'/Astigmatic Records; 2021)

AMAMI - Highway Delhi ('Soliel'/Bongo Joe Records; 2021)

DUBTRAKZ SOUND SYSTEM - Ragged Mix 1 (Free download/Bandcamp; 2021)

BUKKHA & FADA JEP feat. JAH WIND ALLSTARS - Bun Di Horns (Free download/Bandcamp; 2021)

HUGH MUNDELL - Arise & Shine (1983)

JAUBI - Straight Path ('Nafs At Peace'/Astigmatic Records; 2021)

ZARA McFARLANE - Native Nomade ('Songs Of An Unknown Tongue'/Brownswood Recordings; 2020)

NAT BIRCHALL meets AL BREADWINNER - Upfull Dubbing ('Upright Living'/Tradition Disc; 2020)

JAUBI - Zari ('Nafs At Peace'/Astigmatic Records; 2021)

BILL LASWELL - Chacon & Daniel ('Imaginary Cuba'/Wicklow/BMG Classics; 1999)

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Organic Vibes 24.08.2021


CORNELL CAMPBELL - Keep On Running (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

U-ROY - The Right To Live (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

AUGUSTUS PABLO - Pablo Meets Mr Bassie 

MARIA RITA - Agora So Falta Voce (Tahira Edit) (LP: DJ Tahira - 'Edits Reworks Vol 1')

AMMAR 808 - Geeta Duniki (LP: Ammar 808 - 'Global Control - Invisible Invasion'/Glitterbeat; 2020)

FADOUL - Bsslama Habiti (LP: Various -  'An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World'/Habibi Funk; 2017)

JAH SMILE - Ethiopian Rock (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

JOHNNY CLARKE - No Babylon Shall Escape In This Time (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

WANUBALÉ - Nadra (LP: Various - 'Agogo 2020'/Agogo Records)

DILLINGER - Flat Foot Hustling

DILLINGER - Under Tight Raps

HALELUJAH CHICKEN RUN BAND - Kare Nanhasi (LP: Halelujah Chicken Run Band - 'Take One'/Analog Africa; 2020)

BOBBY ELLIS & VAL BENNETT - The Arabian Sound Of Reggae (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

JOHN FORBES - War Zone (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

LINVAL THOMPSON - Look How Long Nyabinghi Calling You (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

CORNELL CAMPBELL - Bunny Lee & King Tubby's Dubplate Special (LP: Various - 'When Jah Shall Come'/Pressure Sounds; 2020)

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Organic Vibes 17.08.2021


OSAYOMORE JOSEPH & THE ULELE POWER SOUND - Ororo No De Fade (Album: 'Edo Funk Explosion Vol 1'/Analog Africa; 2021)

CHRIS MUNKY & BERISE - Policeman (Original Mix) (Banana Bombs Records, Sydney Australia; 2021)

ADIBA AZEZINE - Ya Makhthat Al Welif (Oh, Those Who Take My Love) ( Album: 'Choubi Choubi! Folk & Pop Songs From Iraq Vol 2'/Sublime Frequencies)

KIPPIE MOKETSI & HAL SINGER - Blue Stompin' (Toronto, We Are Busy Bodies, 2021)

CUIR - Mode Branleur (France, 2020)

BLOWINS - Angela (Polish band, based in Dublin from their album 'LP' which came out in 2016)

LA FEMME BRUTAL - Primera Línea de Combata (Front Line Of Combat) (Taken from their EP, 'The Future Is Brutal'; Barcelona 2019)

SIR VICTOR UWAIFO & HIS TITIBITIS - Obviemama ('Edo Funk Explosion Vol 1'/Analog Africa; 2021)

KRAK IN DUB feat. ABSALOM & AFROPACÍFICO - La Marimba Del Monte [Taken from the LP, 'Catleya (Bogota Sessions); 2021]

DIGITAL DUBS & JOÁS - Ethiopia Riddim (Featuring R. ZEE JACKSON; 2021)

AKBA MAN & THE NIGIE ROCKETS - Ogbor Omwan ('Edo Funk Explosion Vol 1'/Analog Africa; 2021)

SIR VICTOR UWAIFO & HIS TITIBITIS - Iranm Iran ('Edo Funk Explosion Vol 1'/Analog Africa; 2021)

THE STUPIDS - Gimme Donuts ('The Complete Peel Sessions LP')

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Organic Vibes 04.08.2021


ZION TRAIN - Samora Machel Dub (LP: 'Star of Hope - Africa', benefit album; R: 2021)

JUPITER & OKWESS - Telejayi (Feat. MARCELO D2) (Kinshasa, DRC; 2021)

DUB COLOSSUS - Tunnel of Dub (EP: 'We Stand')

ONIPA - Chicken No Dey Fly (Feat. FRANZ VON) (From the forthcoming LP, 'Tales of Utopia'; September 2021)

AMMAR 808 (SOFYANN BEN YOUSSEF) - Mahaganapatim (Feat. KL SEERAM) (LP: 'Global Control - Invisible Invasion'; 2020)

BLACK MARKET Feat. WISE OWL & DUB ROBOT - Young Americans (EP: 'Thin White Dub', a tribute to DAVID BOWIE)

STAR FEMININE BAND (Benin) - Iseo (LP: 'Star Feminine Band''; Born Bad Records, 2020)

ZION TRAIN - Winnie Mandela Dub 

ZION TRAIN - Steve Biko Dub 

LES COLE & THE ECHOES - Be Boppin' Daddy (1958; R: 1987, Ace Records)

JALIL BENNIS & LES GOLDEN HANDS - Mirza (LP: 'An Eclectic Selection of Music From the Arab World'; Habibi Funk, 2021)

YABBY YOU & THE PROPHETS - Love Thy Neighbour (LP: 'Conquering Lion Expanded Edition'; Pressure Sounds, 2021)

ZION TRAIN - Thomas Sankara Dub

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Organic Vibes 25.05.2021


HIGH & I meets MIGHTY SHARP - Coronovirus (Dubophonic, 2021)

SOUL FIRE, PROFESSOR SKANK, HERMIT DUBZ - Rasta People We Are (Professor Skank Mix) (Dubophonic, 2021)

TOKIBOUN IN DUB - Faith Soothes (Flute Version feat. FULL VIBES) (Dubophonic, 2021)

CUT CHEMIST - Pove de Santo (2021 Mix)

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS feat. C. WYNE NALUKALALA - Ghetto Youth Never Give Up ('Zik Zak' LP, Switchstance Recordings, 2021)

DJ TAHIRA - Gill Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Tahira Afrobeat Version)

DIGITAL DUBS feat. MISTAH JORDAN - Tributo á U Roy (Digital Dubs, 2021)

BATIDA - Do The Right Thing! (Pobre e Rico Mix feat. SPACEBOYS) (2020)

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS feat. BANTU - Photoshop Reality ('Zik Zak' LP, Switchstance Recordings, 2021)

TIRTHA MAN feat. DON COSMIC - Sound Of Thunder (La Panchita Records, Spain, 2021)

BLACK KEYS - Poor Boy A Long Way From Home ('Delta Kream' LP, Nonesuch Records, 2021)

NAT BIRCHALL meets AL BREADWINNER - Dub From Manchester ('Upright Living' LP, 2020)

NAPPY NINA - Napsack ('Naptime' LP, 2015)

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE - Cattle Herders Chant ('Songs Of Praise' LP)

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS feat. IFE PIANKHI - Social Distancing ('Zik Zak' LP, Switchstance Recordings, 2021)

CANDY STATON - How Can I Put Out The Fire (When You Keep The Fire Burning) (Honest Jon's, 2004)

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Organic Vibes 06.04.2021



JIMMY McCRACKLIN - Rockin' All Day (1950)

MULATU ASTATKE & BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE - Ambassa Lemdi (Agogo Records, Free Download, 2020)

HALLELUJAH CHICKEN RUN BAND - Sekai ('Take One LP, Analog Africa, 2020)

MIKEY DREAD - Operator's Choice ('African Anthem The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise, 1979; Reissued, 2021)

OBAY ASHARANI - Love Fading ('Sandbox' LP, 2021)

HUMMINGBIRD Feat. DAN I LOCKS - Don't Call (Single, 2021)

MIKEY DREAD - Technical Selection

iGL & ALECHO - Limbs (Indamouse Remix) ('From A Droplet' LP, Dubophonic, 2021)

VADOU GAME - Soleil capriciex ('Otodi' LP, 2018)

MIKEY DREAD - Mikey Dread In Action

LES FILLES de ILLIGHADAD - Inigraden (Various: 'Sahel Sounds Label Sampler', 2019)

GENTELMAN'S DUB CLUB Feat. HOLLIE COOK - Honey (Single, January 2021)

DIGITAL DUBS Feat. MISTAH JORDAN - Tributo á U-Roy (Digital Dubs, 2021)

MIKEY DREAD - Headline News

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Organic Vibes 23.01.2021


SOM TRES - Homenagem A Mongo ('Blue Note Sampler Vol. 1'/Blue Note Records)

SHUGGIE OTIS - Get A Grip ('Inter-fusion'/Cleopatra)

GUITAR SLIM GREEN with JOHNNY & SHUGGIE OTIS - Old Folk Boogie ('Stone Down Blues'/BGP)

THE ROYALS - Only Jah Knows ('Pick Up The Pieces'/Pressure Sounds)

THE DYNAMITES - Uptown Shuffle ('King Tubby & The Clancy Eccles: Allstars Soundsystem International Dub'/Pressure Sounds)

DUB CMD - Still (and Version) ('Lost Transmissions'/Dubophonic)


THE FLAIRS - She Wants To Rock ('Dust My Rhythm & Blues, The Flair Records R & B Story:1953-1955'/Ace Records)

CALYPSO ROSE - Woman Smarter ('Far From Home'/Because Music)

AMMAR 808 - Mahaganapatim (feat. KL SEERAM) ('Global Control/Invisible Invasion'/Glitterbeat)

THE PROCESS/SKIP McDONALD - The Time Has Come (Little Axe Mix) ('Echo Chamber - Around The World In Dub Vols 11 & 12'/Dan Dada)

SKIFTANDE ENHETER - 800 Spann ('4 Spars' EP)

THEE OH SEES - The Freak Was Clean ('Peanut Butter Oven' EP)

ALBOROSIE meets THE WAILERS UNITED - Wailing Dub ('Unbreakable')

Organic Vibes 05.10.2021

  PLAY LIST LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY & FRIENDS  - Voodooism ('Lee Perry & Friends'/Pressure Sounds) ZAP POW - The River...