Wednesday 8 May 2024

Organic Vibes 08.05.2024


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

BIXIGA 70 - Malunga (feat. SIMONE SOU) ('Vapor' LP/Glitterbeat Records; 2023)

SARAVAH SOUL - Oil Is Thicker Than Blood ('Shapes' LP/Tru Thoughts; 2008)

QUANTIC - Disco Caribe ('Shapes' LP/Tru Thoughts; 2008)

VIBRONICS meets CARROLL THOMPSON - My Warriors ('Women On A Mission 2' LP; 2024)

LONNIE HOLLEY - Mount Meig ('Oh Me Oh My' LP/Jagjaguwar; 2023)

DUBMATIX (feat. RASTA REUBEN & FREDLOCKS) - Enter The Dragon ('Dubmatix Presents Champion Sound Clash' LP; 2004)

AUGUSTUS PABLO - Java ('Roots, Rockers & Dub' LP/ Nature Sounds; 2023)

FOREST LAW - Ooo, I (Les Disques Bongo Joe; 2024)

TIKI PARADISE - Juntos ('Chaleur Chaude' LP/MaAula Records; 2024)

DARROW FLETCHER - Now Is The Time For Love ('The World Needs Changing' LP/BGP/Ace Records; 2013)

SIMON NYABINGHI - Royal Quotes (feat. IMAN ONEDUB) ('Days Of Dub' LP/All Nations Records; 2023)

SANDMAN PROJECT - Karnataka ('Where Did You Go?' LP/Batov Records; 2024)

LARRY MONTECA - Ufo Bossa ('Best of 2023' LP/Four Flies Records)

RADICAL GURU - Mentalist ('Dub Mentalist' LP/Moonshine Recordings; 2016)

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Organic Vibes 02.04.2024


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

J. MASCIS - Can't Believe We're Here ('What Do We Do Now' LP/Sub Pop Records, 2024) 

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE - A Bad Attitude ('A Trip To Bolgatanga' LP/On-U Sound, 2023)

OLUKO IMO - Were Oju Le (The Eyes Are Getting Red) (2024)

DANNY RED meets MARSHALL NEEKO - Jah Is Here (Edit) (Free Download/Bandcamp, 2024)

LONNIE LISTON SMITH - Expansions (7" Edit) (Originally released in 1975, reissued on 'The World Needs Changing' LP/BGP, 2013)

SINÉAD O'CONNOR - Jah Nuh Dead ('Throw Down Your Arms' LP/Chocolate & Vanilla, 2005)

THE KONDI BAND - Don't Follow Sweetness ('We Famous' LP/Strut Records, 2021)

AUGUSTUS PABLO - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown ('Augustus Pablo: Roots, Rockers' & Dub' LP/Nature Sounds, 2023)

LOS MEGATONES DE LUCHO - Muneca ('Discomoda Salsa de Venezuela 1964-1977'/Olindo Records, 2024)

HOUSSAM GANIA - Kobayli Bala ('Mosawi Swiri'LP/Hive Mind Records, 2019)

CHAMPAGNE DUB - Scrubbing ('Rainbow' LP/On The Corner Records, 2024)

OBF & IRATION STEPPAS - Earthman Style (Single/Dubquake Records, 2024)

J. MASCIS - Right Behind You ('What Do We Do Now' LP/Sub Pop Records, 2024)

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Organic Vibes 06.03.2024


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

ASTON 'FAMILY MAN' BARRETT - Cobra Style (Disco Mix) ('Soul Constitution: Instrumentals & Dubs 1971-1982' LP/Dub Store Records, 2018)


LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY - Solid State Communication

LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY - Solid State Dub (Both taken from 'The Black Album' LP/Upsetter, 2018)

THE FUCKED UP BEAT - Zenith/The Wardenclyffe Tower ('Europa'LP, 2015)

MBIRI YOUNG STARS - Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe ('Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From The 1970's & 1980's' LP/Soundway Records, 2013)

HAVANA CULTURA - Traketeo (Feat. LUZ DE CUBA) ('Subelo Cuba' LP/Brownswood Recordings, 2018)

RAFAELITO ROMAN - Que Mala Suerte ('Merengue Tipico: Nueva Generation!' LP/Bongo Joe Records, 2024)

BARRY BROWN - Love Is What The World Wants ('Linval Thompson Dub Landing Vol. 1' LP/Greensleeves, 2017)

SARAMACCAN SOUND - We Lost Someone Close To Us Again ('Where The River Bends Is Only The Beginning' LP/Glitterbeat, 2024)

THE SORCERERS - She Who Perceives The Sounds Of The World ('I Too Am A Stranger' LP/ATA Records, 2024)

CHINEUR - Indie (X Ray Productions, 2024)

MANUDIGITAL in a digital UK Session featuring DADDY FREDDY - Digital Man (X Ray Productions, 2024)

Thursday 8 February 2024

Organic Vibes 08.02.2024


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

PAMBELE - To Etundo (Palenque Records, Colombia/Single, 2024)


THE SKATALITES - Ska-Ra-Van (Take 3) ('Ska Boo-Da-Ba' LP/Pressure Sounds, 2023)

THE BIONIC RATS - One More Nail In The Coffin ('T.B.R.' LP, 2016)

KILEDJIAN - Dlo (feat Celia Wa) ('The Otium Mixtape' LP/Underdog Records, 2024)

LITTLE JOHNNY JONES & THE CHICAGO HOUND DOGS - Dirty By The Dozen (Sweet Little Woman) (Various: 'Dust My Rhythm & Blues: The Flair Records R'n'B Story 1953 - 1955'/Ace Records)

TRAVELERZ - Tears On Fire

TRAVELERZ - Tears On Fire (Dub) ('Tears On Fire/Time Nah Fully Come' EP/Culture Dub Records, 2024)

MO' HORIZONS feat. GYEDU-BLAY AMBOLLEY - Mango Woman (Somo Rhizmo' Remix) (VARIOUS: 'Agogo 2023'/Agogo Records)

THE BLACK PITTS - Culture Vultures (VARIOUS: 'Bullshit 2024'/No Romance Records, 2024)

MUNAY KI DUB - Bad Babylon (Thriakis Remix) (Dubophonic Records, 2024)

DJ KAPWANTHI - Ndikakwatile Kubala (I Will Get Married & Give Birth) (Digital Indigenous, Malawi)

SABABA 5 - Aeolus (VARIOUS: 'Batov Records Artists 3', 2023)

MANUDIGITAL feat. LIAM BAILEY - Enough ('Step Up'/X-Ray Production Records, 2023)

Thursday 25 January 2024

Organic Vibes 25.01.2024


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro 

CREATION REBEL Feat. PRINCE FAR I & DADDY FREDDY - This Thinking Feeling ('Hostile Environment' LP/On U Sound, 2023)

JUMBO SYSTEM - Look Back ('Jumbo System' LP/Maaula Records, 2023)

BIXIGA 70 - Parajú ('Vapor' LP/Glitterbeat, 2023)

IDRIS ACKAMOOR & THE PYRAMIDS - Police Dem ('Afro Futuristic Dreams' LP/Strut Records, 2023)

BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH - Palestine ('Back To Roots' LP/Acid Jazz, 1995)

YARA ASMAR - It is 5pm And Nothing Bad Has Happened To Us (Yet) ('Synth Walzes & Accordion Laments' LP/Hive Mind Records, 2023)

DUB MARTA - Remember The Truth ('Island Wave' LP, 2023)

MANUDIGITAL Feat. ALIKA & BLACKOUT JA - Quieren Mas ('Step Up' LP/X-Ray Productions, 2023)

BOUNALY - Takamba ('Music From Saharan Whats App Vol. 10'/Sahel Sounds)

HAROLD ALEXANDER - Mama Soul ('The World Needs Changing' LP/BGP/Ace Records)

OWL TRACKERS Feat. FLOWBEEZ - Red Glasses ('The Bright Side' LP/Culture Dub Records, 2023)

MEN OF PAUSE - Perfect ('Bullshit 2024'/No Romance Records, 2024)

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Organic Vibes 01.11.2023


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

HAYEREHJAH/RDK DISCIPLES - Good Foot (Smoking My Ganja Riddim) (Universal Roots, 2004)

BERES HAMMOND - No More War ('Aquarius Rock' LP/Pressure Sounds, 2023)

HERMAN CHIN LOY - No More Version ('Aquarius Rock' LP/Pressure Sounds, 2023)

THE PYRAMIDS - Indigo (Indigo Suite Part 1) ('AOMAWA: 1970's Recordings' Box Set/Strut, 2022)

ONIPA - No Commando ('Off The Grid' LP/Real World Records, 2023)

ROOTS INSPIRATON meets AL BREADWINNER - Cool Ruler ('Can't Stop The Times' LP/Roots Inspiration, 2023)

ROOTS INSPIRATION meets AL BREADWINNER - Dub Schooler ('Can't Stop The Times' LP/Roots Inspiration, 2023)

BIG YOUTH meets DUBMATIX - The Killer (Revisited)

CYKADA - Dimension Stepper ('Cykada' LP/Astigmatic Records, 2019)

BLACKSTAR SOUND featuring REBEL I & NICO MICHEL - Who Are You? (Culture Dub Records, 2023)

ONIPA - Danger ('Off The Grid' LP/Real World Records, 2023)

JOE SAVAGE & THE SOUL PEOPLE - All Power To The People Part 1 ('The World Needs Changing' LP/BGP/Ace Records)

DIASPORA 70 featuring YADI CAMARA - Krishnamurti ('Mukambo Presents Global Afrobeat Movement Volume 3'LP/NYP Records, 2023)

COMRADE PIET - Dark Ages ('Bad Tunes' EP/Culture Dub Records, 2023)

SHIT KID - Dark Feelings ('Sort Stjerne!' LP/PNKSLM Recordings, 2021)

ONIPA - Fine Tho ('Off The Grid' LP/ Real World Records, 2023)

JAH SHAKA meets MAD PROFESSOR - Living Dub ('Jah Shaka meets Mad Professor'/Ariwa, 1984)

CHRONICLE - Suzy (Patate Records)

COLOMBIAFRICA (THE MYSTIC ORCHESTRA) - Mama Africa ('Afritanga the Sound Of Afrocolombia' LP/Trikont Records, 2011)

DUB COLOSSUS - Addicted to Dub ('Dr Strangedub [Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Dub The Bomb'] LP, 2019)

GUITAR SLIM - Trouble Don't Last ('The Things I Used To Do' LP/Ace Records,1991; Recorded in 1954)

BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH - I Am A Revolutionary ('Revolutionary Minds' LP, 2017)

BANTAM ROOSTER - Crack In The System ('Fuck All Y'all' LP/Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2000)

THE ROOTS - Mash Down ('Lee Perry & Friends - Voodooism' LP/Pressure Sounds, 1996)

MULATU ASTATKE & BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE - Ambassa Lemdi ('Agogo 2020' LP/Agogo Records, 2020)

RDK/DISCIPLES - Good Dub (Univeral Roots, 2004)

Saturday 19 August 2023

Organic Vibes 19.08.2023


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

AUGUSTUS PABLO & HERMAN CHIN LOY - Iggy Iggy (Pressure Sounds, 2023)

AUGUSTUS PABLO & HERMAN CHIN LOY - East of the River Nile (Pressure Sounds, 2023)

HERMAN CHIN LOY - River Nile Version (Pressure Sounds, 2023)

DENNIS ALCAPONE - Return of Sabata (Pressure Sounds, 2023)

HERMAN CHIN LOY - Sabata (Pressure Sounds, 2023)

NAPPY NINA - Amen (2023)

ERNESTO DJÉDJÉ - Golozo (Analog Africa, 2023)

AHMED BEN ALI - Yarait (Habibi Funk Records, 2023)

MUFLON DUB SOUNDSYSTEM with MELANA & ZACHEOUS JACKSON - Holy Holy Holy (Dubophonic Records, 2023)

MUFLON DUB SOUNDSYSTEM with MELANA & ZACHEOUS JACKSON - Holy Holy Holy Dub (Dubophonic Records, 2023)

ESTHER MARROW - Walk Tall (BGP/Ace Records)

GENTLEMAN'S DUB CLUB feat. HOLLIE COOK - Play My Games (Easy Star Records, 2023)

COFFEE STAIN - Don't Bring A Knife To A Sword Fight (Bellicose Records, 2023)

COFFEE STAIN - Health For Wealth (Bellicose Records, 2023)

COFFEE STAIN - Easier Said Than Done (Bellicose Records, 2023)


Wednesday 1 February 2023

Organic Vibes 01.02.2023


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

OBF - Controle La Danse (feat. JUNIOR ROY) ('Lava' LP/Dubquake Records; 2022)

CHARIF MEGARBANE - Tayyara Warak (Single/Habibi Funk; 2022)

ACID ARAB - Ya Mahla (feat. WAEL ALKAK) ('Trois' LP/ Crammed Discs; 2023)

CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO - La Rosa China ('La Estrella' LP/Bandcamp; 2022)

DENNIS BOVELL - His Majesty ('The Voice' EP/Bandcamp; 2022)

OBF - Stay Strong (feat. JUNIOR ROY) ('Lava' LP/Dubquake Records; 2022)


DUB MACHINIST meets GARY CLUNK - Dub Mahal Part 2 (Various - 'Vocal & Dub Versions - 2016-2021 Part 1'/Culture Dub Records; 2022)

BOYE PAPAGEE & COLOURS AFROBEAT - Ashe (Single/Bandcamp; 2023)

VITO LALINGA(VI MODE INC; PROJECT) - Kalakuta (Various - 'Mukambo Presents Global Afrobeat Movement Vol 3'/NYP Records; 2022)

BATIDA - Hmmm (feat. BONGA) ('Neon Colonialismo' LP/Soundway Records; 2022)

OBF - Nah Easy (feat. Charlie P) ('Lava' LP/Dubquake Records; 2022)

PAULO DUBFILES BALDINI & AL BROWN - Liquid Dub Part 1 ('Dub Cuts' LP/Pressure Sounds; 2022)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Alternative Ulster ('Inflammable Material' LP/Rough Trade; 1978)

Thursday 8 December 2022

Organic Vibes 08.12.2022


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI - Zombie ('Zombie' LP/Polydor Records; 1976)

NAZAMBA - Vex (Pressure Records; 2018)

JOSS TAFARI - Ethiopian Harmony 

JOSS TAFARI - Dub Harmony (Bandcamp/

THE IFTIN BAND - Umaayey iyo Abo (Mother & Father) ('Mogadishu's Finest The Al-Uruba Sessions' LP/Ostinato Records; 2022)

DUB COLOSSUS - Addis To Omega ('Live @ The Jazz Café London, 6th November 2021' LP)

KANDA BONGO MAN - Kekete Blue (duet with Eddy Kenzo) ('Kekete Blue' LP/No Wahala Sounds)

LINDA AYUPUKA - Yine Faamam ('God Created Everything' LP/Mais Um Discos; 2022)

EZRA COLLECTIVE feat. KOJEY RADICAL - No Confusion ('Where I'm Meant To Be' LP/Partisan Records; 2022)

DELE SOSIMI - You No Fit Touch Am ('Mukambo Presents Global Afrobeat Movement Vol. 3 LP/NYP Records; 2022)

OLUMO SOUNDZ - Chasin' ('Mukambo Presents Global Afrobeat Movement Vol. 3LP/NYP Records; 2022)

TOGO ALL STARS - Everybody Get It ('Mukambo Presents Global Afrobeat Movement Vol. 3 LP/NYP Records; 2022)

PATRICK ANDY - Give Thanks

PATRICK ANDY - Give Thanks Dub ('Living In Mount Zion'LP/Pressure Sounds; 2022)

THE QUALITIES (feat. SUN RA) - It's Christmas Time ('Singles'/Strut Records; 2016. Originally recorded/released in 1956, 1960 or 1961)

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Organic Vibes 15.11.2022


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro

DIGITAL DUBS ft. EARL SIXTEEN - Lula Livre (EP/Digital Dubs; 2020)

MAD PROFESSOR - Ariwa Dub 4 Lula (EP/Digital Dubs;2020)

SAWAABA SOUND - Egye Tu Gbe ( Various - 'Essiebons Special 1973-1984 Ghana Music Powerhouse' LP/Analog Africa; 2022)

BATIDA - Farramenta (feat. NASTIO MOSQUITO) ('Neon Colonialismo'LP/Soundway Records; 2022)

DR OBI & ANJA G - Resilienz Dub (Vocal Version) (EP/Culture Dub Records; 2022)

MILTON GULLI - Caminhos ('Riddimsteppa 10TH Anniversary'/Subciety Records; 2022)

NIK NAK - Recalibrate ('Chasing Solitude' LP/Bandcamp; 2022)

MED DRED & SHAKEY NORMAN - Flying Melodicas ('Flying Melodicas' EP/Dubophonic; 2022)

MED DRED - Flying Dub ('Flying Melodicas' EP/Dubophonic; 2022)

MUVA OF EARTH - High (Single/Brownswood Recordings; 2022)

DAYMÉ AROCENA - Dancar E Vocar (Single/ Brownswood Recordings; 2022)

CLEAR PATH ENSEMBLE - Drumatix ('Solar Eclipse' LP/Soundway Records; 2022)

MIMU - Life's Better Outside (Single/Bandcamp)

DUB COLOSSUS - Satta Massagana ('Live @ The Jazz Café, London 6 November 2021/Bandcamp)

Thursday 6 October 2022

Organic Vibes 06.10.2022


AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of The River Nile/Intro

RUWENGO BROS BAND - Areta Rekai Njuge ('Crossroads Kenya: East African &Rhumba 1980-1985' LP/No Wahala Sounds; 2022)

CHOUK BWA & THE ANGSTROMERS - Vini Wé M ('Ayiti Kongo Dub #1' EP/Les Disques Bongo Joe; 2022)

BUSY SIGNAL - Got To Tell You (Boomrush Productions, Promo Single)

JEB LOY NICHOLS - To Be Rich (Should Be A Crime) 

JEB LOY NICHOLS - I'm In Need Now ( Both taken from 'Long Time Traveller' LP/On U Sounds; 2016)

SARA FUGA - Sunset (Single, 2022)

MADÉ KUTI - No More Wars (Single/Partisan Records; 2022)

LOKKHI TERRA - Kande Revisited (Single/Funkiwala Records; 2022)

ALISON O'DONNELL - I Wish We'd Sailed On The Jeanie Johnston ('Hark The Voice That Sings For All, New Songs In An Ancient Tradition' LP/Bandcamp; 2022)

ALEXIA BONTEMPO - Domingo ('Doce Carnaval' LP/Ropeadope; 2022)

BROTHER CULTURE, LITTLE LION SOUND - Full Up A Lyrics (Single/Evidence Music; 2022)

MEERAV STYLEE - Babylon Is At War ('Babylon Is At War' EP/Culture Dub; 2022)

Organic Vibes 08.05.2024

PLAY LIST AUGUSTUS PABLO - East of the River Nile/Intro BIXIGA 70 - Malunga (feat. SIMONE SOU) ('Vapor' LP/Glitterbeat Records; 20...